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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between a Funeral Service and a Stained Glass
Funeral Mass?

A funeral service is appropriate prayers, readings, homily and eulogies, conducted in the Church by a priest.
The Funeral Mass is the participation in the central act of Catholic worship.  For Catholics, the Mass is the most important act of worship and contains the celebration of the eucharist around the altar table.  It is the source and summit of Catholic life.  It unites us with Christ and His sacrifice on Calvary.  The Mass also unites us with others participating in this supreme Act of Worship, especially those experiencing grief and pain.

Who contacts the Priest?

Either the family or the funeral director will contact the Priest. If the priest has been involved with the family prior to the death, he will have offered guidance as to what to do at the time of death.

What Funeral Director do I contact?

Some Catholic people find dealing with a Catholic funeral director helps them. If you would like a Catholic funeral director, speak to your local Catholic Priest who will be able to suggest a Catholic funeral director. A Catholic funeral director will be very helpful and may assist you and your family when dealing in areas that you might feel a little unsure about.

Can I have a non-religious poem read in the Funeral Mass?

It is advised that you don’t, however each poem is different in its meaning and some can offer a beautiful reflective opportunity, you may choose to incorporate one in a eulogy or at a Vigil Service the night before. Please check with your local priest if in doubt.

How much do I pay the Priest

It is customary to make a donation to the priest or the parish.  Your funeral director will advise you of what would be appropriate.

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