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The purpose of this website is to give Catholic families the opportunity to plan the contents of the Funeral Mass or Funeral Service.

The liturgy presented on this site is taken from the “Order of Christian Funerals with Cremation Rite”  which has been approved for use and is the most widely used resource used by the Catholic Church in New Zealand.  All bible readings on this site have been taken from the “Jerusalem Bible”.

How we help

Stained GlassWe will guide you through the Funeral Mass and you can make choices about what readings, prayers and hymns can be used. It is very wise to make your choices in consultation with your local Catholic Priest, who will give you good ideas and suggestions as well.

This website has been approved by the Wellington Archdiocese and contains their policy on the Order of Christian Burials.  For more information, please visit the Catholic churches website We encourage you to make contact with your local Catholic Priest, as the process of death and dying is an important time for spiritual support for all in the family.

Funeral Directors

The funeral director plays an important role in the planning of the services around the funeral. It is important that you choose your funeral director carefully. Not all are the same. Members of the Funeral Directors Association of NZ follow a strict code of ethics and code of conduct.  The Funeral Directors Association of NZ supports the content of this website and this initiative.

If possible, it is good to establish a relationship with your funeral director before you need to use them professionally, this way you will feel more comfortable when the time comes, knowing that you are not dealing with a stranger.

Pre-arranging a Funeral Mass can also give you the opportunity to meet with your funeral director and discuss many aspects which will give you reassurance that you have covered everything you need to.

You can also pre-pay for your funeral service, if you wish.  Dealing with a member of the Funeral Directors Association of NZ will ensure that your money is safely invested, all of these members adhere to a strict policy in relation to pre-paid funds.

Three well known and established pre-paid plans are:  Catholic Development Fund (CDF), FDANZ Family Bereavement Plan, and Public Trust Pre-Paid Funeral Trusts.

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